Las Olas Beach Club

Sieger Suarez Architects

Project Description:
Las Olas Beach Club was built on the site of the Fort Lauderdale Beach Hotel with many elements of the old hotel preseved. Working with the Historical Preservation Group the look and feel of the building was returned to it's 1940's origins. The Historical preservation component required demolishion with the majority of the facade left standing without the structure to support it while a subterranean basement was dug out. This was accomplished this by installing a structural steel frame supported by a foundation system on augercast piles that sat to the outside of the building. The temporary support structure stood through two hurricanes. The project consists of the restoration of a 6 story historical building, a new 6 story parking garage and a new 29 story condominium tower

*This project was completed by Malcolm prior to forming MGM General Contracting, Inc.