For MGM, the construction process begins by listening to our clients. We don’t start by telling clients about how MGM does business; we start by listening to them talk about their business. Once we understand a client’s specific needs, we create a customized plan designed to best accomplish their goals — the right service, the right providers, the right time, and the right delivery method. This way of thinking turns potential problems and challenges into opportunities.

  • Preconstruction

    MGM is your pre-construction expert. We understand the importance of those decisions made during the initial stage of the construction process. They can have a formative and lasting impact on a project’s schedule and budget. During pre-construction, the MGM team promotes collaboration with all project stakeholders from project owner to architect to construction team. No compromise is made to project quality, schedule or budget, and our pre-construction team works diligently to secure all necessary approvals to move the earth on your project.

  • General Contracting

    The South Florida market is full of general contracting firms, but few have the proven resume of successfully completed projects that MGM has. Regardless of size, scope or complexity, MGM’s expertise in providing accurate cost and budget estimates along with our ability to hire top-rated material suppliers and reputable local subcontractors sets up far above our competitors. MGM is South Florida’s best choice for general contracting.

  • Construction Manager at Risk

    Our CMAR extensive experience has taught us what it takes to carve out the best design strategy for our clients. With MGM, our clients know the results of our CMAR process include the optimal, most advantageous project design coupled with the focus on maintaining budget and schedule. From managing the CMAR team to design to construction and hiring subcontractors, MGM’s construction managers will cover it all.

  • Design/Build

    MGM’s design-build services offer clients an all-in-one solution for their project design, general contracting and construction services needs. Not only does this cut costs on third-party vendors, but also provides our clients with a compressive approach to their entire project. MGM’s experience and expertise in construction design and building never fails to meet the unique objectives of each client.

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“Who we are is as important as what we do. For every client, on every project, we aspire to exceed expectations by providing customized solutions through an experienced, committed team that strives to live on the other side of yes!”

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