Pine Crest School – Fort Lauderdale Campus – Athletic Field Bridge

Pine Crest School

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Keith & Associates (Civil) & MUEngineers (Structural)

Project Description:
Pine Crest School is a private educational facility having two Campuses:  Grades K-8 in Boca Raton, FL and Grades K-12 in Fort Lauderdale, FL.  MGM was awarded a Design-Build Project to provide a new, free standing, 12’ wide x 90’ long galvanized steel Pedestrian Bridge (with concrete deck ) that would replace the aging 6’ wide x 90’ long wooden Pedestrian Bridge.  Upon completion and final acceptance of the new Bridge, the old Bridge was demolished and removed from the property. Work included:  Significant permitting efforts over a 12 month period with numerous State, Federal and Local Agencies since this new bridge was to be installed over an active waterway.  Critical elevation design considerations to satisfy both ADA access requirements as well as Coast Guard elevation requirements.  Installation of helical piles and pile cap on each side of the canal to properly support the Bridge.  Restricted access to the West side of the Canal due to the location of the Artificial-Turf Football Field to the Bridge.  Pre-assembly of the entire bridge framing prior to shipping to the Galvanizer to ensure there would be no field modifications that could be a detriment to the hot-dipped galvanizing process.  Staged construction activities so as to not interfere with School activities performed on the Football Field.  Staged construction to relocate all the utility piping and conduit that ran under the existing Bridge.  Construction activities over an active waterway requiring special consideration to boat traffic.